"Finding ways to make a difference, to contribute to my community, to be healthy and loving, kind and generous."

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About Jane Self

Writing was not my first love, but it’s long since been where I found my soul. As a cutting edge baby boomer

The Written Word

The written word rules. Of course, dialogue is important – that’s how we relate to others – but our

60 Minutes and Werner

In 1988, I started a lifelong relationship with the personal growth and development work designed

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New Duane Allman book a refreshing perspective

A while back, I set out on a weekend trip with a friend for an assignment by Lake Oconee...

Response to Concern About Werner Erhard

I recently received an e-mail from a guy in California who had just completed the...

Discovering a Park Ranger’s Passion

Hardly anything is more inspirational than coming across someone who is clearly...

Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard

This documentary chronicles the life of Werner Erhard (creator of the est Training) and...