Hot off the presses

Hot off the presses

It took a bit longer than I anticipated to get my new book in shape. But it’s now complete and all set to go public.

For a sometimes sentimental, sometimes poignant, other times hilarious trip into the throes (and joys) of parenting, get your copy of “The Nathaniel Chronicles” today.

For 20 years, I wrote and edited in the features section at two newspapers – one in Macon, Georgia, and one in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Part of my writing many of those years included a weekly personal column covering all sorts of conundrums I found myself in or topics I thought would be interesting to our readers.

Quite often, particularly the earlier years when it was foremost on my mind, issues raising my son became the subject of many of those columns. I explored – publicly – not only the parenting aspects but also the uncertainties, doubts, fears and yes, triumphs, I experienced along the way.

As would be expected, I received loads of feedback from parents and non-parents alike. I quickly realized I wasn’t the only one trying to figure it all out. Everybody has an opinion about how situations should be handled.

Young Nate

At two and a half, Nathaniel was easygoing, curious and adventurous.

Is anybody ever absolutely sure they’re getting it right – whatever “it” might be?

Now, nearly six years into being nanny for my grandchildren, I find many of the questions I had long ago still lingering. It’s amazing what comes up.

Out of curiosity, I revisited my archives of columns looking for insight. I discovered a treasure trove of stories about my journey through parenting that had me in stitches when not in tears and wondering how I got through it all.

I thought others might recognize themselves in these stories and if nothing else, be highly entertained by the antics of a funny little boy.

“The Nathaniel Chronicles” can be found at Balboa Press, Amazon and other book outlets. If you’d rather start with a free sample, click here.